Introducing Favourite Offers and Saved Searches

Today we’re announcing two great new features on CercaVino: Favourite Offers and Saved Searches.

Add to Your Favourites

When you find an interesting offer on CercaVino, add it to your favourites by clicking the Add to Your Favourites link to access that offer from any device in your Favourite Offers page.

Save This Search

To save a search (eg., Red Langhe DOC Wines, or Chianti between € 10 and € 20) and stay informed about new offers relevant to your search, click the Save This Search button found on every search results page of CercaVino: the search will be saved in your Saved Searches and as soon as CercaVino finds new results that meet your search criteria you will automatically receive the new offers by e-mail. You can turn off e-mail alerts for a given search at any time, through your Saved Searches page.

We are confident that you will find these two new features useful. To start using them right away, sign up to CercaVino: registration is simple (just enter your e-mail address) and totally free!

30 giugno 2016